Why HR outsourcing?

Many companies are struggling to stay on top of the increasing requirements, compliance
changes and critical projects affecting businesses today.  Some have had to downsize their HR staff as a cost saving measure; while others have employees who wear many different hats,including HR.

How do we support you?

Whether you are a small business without a designated HR staff, or you are a large company with a full HR team, our HR professionals can support you on site or virtually. VB HR Services has the staff, resources and flexibility to handle any HR assignment from consulting and assessments to day-to-day activities like payroll, hiring, performance management and compliance.

Our professionals balance the “people side” of benefits, training and development with the “business side” of controlling costs, assuring compliance and improving recruitment and performance. We collaborate with you in turning HR activities into bottom line results by helping you effectively manage your human capital. The depth and flexibility of our HR capabilities enable us to tailor exactly the right solution for your needs – no matter how quickly they arise or change.


How can we help?